September 4-7, 2007, Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe,
Dresden, Germany

The International Workshop on Future Information Processing Technologies (IWFIPT) is designed to provide an international perspective on long-term trends by convening a meeting of leading experts and technical executives to forecast probable developments in information processing technologies. The IWFIPT is held on alternate years and its meeting site rotates between Asia, Europe and North America. Participation is on invitation only.

The 7th IWFIPT will be held at Steigenberger Hotel de Saxe in the city of Dresden, Germany from September 4-7, 2007 and is hosted by the Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelectronic Technologies.

The workshop is planned as a brainstorming event organized in 6 subsequent panel sessions. Topics include the future of information technologies, future system architectures, future microprocessors and memories as well as enabling devices, communication systems and bio-technology. One focus is the anticipated end of scaling for charge-transport-devices based on CMOS in the next 10 to 15 years and how to bridge into the next generation of nano electronics. Also covered are the increasing difficulties to design circuits consisting of billions of devices and opportunities as well as challenges in stacking and heterogeneous integration. The findings of the workshop will be made available as summaries.

We, the members of the Local Organizing Committee, welcome you to the inspiring city of Dresden and are convinced that the results of the workshop will be of significant value for mapping out R&D strategies in nanoelectronics with significant impact on the semiconductor manufacturing and equipment manufacturing industry.

Best regards,

Peter Kücher, Fraunhofer-Center Nanoelektronische Technologien Dresden
Lothar Risch, Qimonda Dresden
Johann Bartha, Technische Universität Dresden

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